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France 2022


May 2022, France, from Montpellier to the Alps and our arrival in Italy through the Roburent pass


May 13th, 2022


Here are some pictures of our visit to the Manade Martini, in Camargue. We were welcomed there as riders by riders and were able to share a little of their daily life. A very warm welcome, bonds were created and we will return to see them. A great moment of the trip!


April 30th, 2022


Already more than a month since we left Anouk's house. Soon 800 km, including almost 600 km from the ocean.

The Pyrenees are really beautiful, it's hard to choose among the pictures! We don't have the time to make a video compilation, so here is a selection of photos from the Pyrenees-Atlantiques / Hautes-Pyrenees part, hoping to be able to share some of the ambiances and landscapes of this beautiful region.